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No.11: [January June] ( Wed Apr 19 04:17:09 2000 )
To Achain @ #10

Hmmm, now it's OK... fantasic... :)

No.10: [Achain] ( Wed Apr 19 00:39:41 2000 )
This is a test.
I have no problem to write as this. > JJ

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No.8: [Achain] ( Sun Jan 23 04:28:41 2000 )
Varasca, thanks for your footprint.
I don't know your e-mail address then I reply at here.
I prefer to use deep black thick pencil, especially for REAL drawing.
(It means to draw on large paper and to show others just as it is.)
However, the pencil is not good for a draft of scan by my computer.
So, I use middle black and thin mechanical pencil, or a pen with black ink
for drawings on this site.

No.7: [Achain] ( Sun Jan 23 01:09:27 2000 )
Hi JJ,

1.Sorry for cookie problem because cookie based on "directory" and
both English and Japanese message board are on same directory now
so I can't fix this problem without moving this message board to another directory
(ex. /~achain/bbs_e/bbs.html).
I'm not in plan to do so because I think nobody except me will use both of board...
Would you write here again and again? Then I will fix the problem:-)

2.Oops, the lovely translation is completely based on Japanese(^^;
(I don't know "lovely english"...)
Please "hand assemble" to use "Ukyu*" (^^;

No.6: [January June] ( Sat Jan 22 20:41:52 2000 )
Hi Achain :)
Trying to use here in my poor English...

1. It seems here and Japanese version use same Cookie.
2. No 'Lovely Translation' :( I love 'Ukyu*', you know :)

# It's *TOO COLD* in real-world X-( (not here)
# but I'm (and will be) in business...

No.5: [Achain] ( Thr Jan 20 04:36:26 2000 )
Welcome Varasca!
I know Milan as football team.
We call some dish (spaghetti, etc) Milanese, it came from Milan, isn't it?

An extra drawing will appear when you submit a message from
footprint page. Please try it.

No.4: [varasca] ( Thr Jan 20 01:58:45 2000 )
ciao from Milan, Italy
I like the pencil drawings
so I'll check this site again.

No.3: [Achain] ( Wed Jan 19 02:28:17 2000 )

I was awaiting someone wrote something here for this half of year...

"This fact that you are the first brave man of the mankind
who step into this message board will be remain forever as a legend!" (^^;

Anyway, thanks for your comment regarding my site and my English.

No.2: [kenny shigeru chino] ( Tue Jan 18 16:44:07 2000 )
i think that i'm the only person to write in the english message board... -_-
well, i really like your site!
your english is really good, much better than my japanese!
well, bye.

No.1: [Achain] ( Wed Jul 28 04:35:59 1999 )
Welcome to this message board.
Please don't hesitate to write any messages. Any topics are okay.
Of course, your impressions of this site are welcome.

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