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No.31: [Yueh] ( Tue Aug 27 14:10:25 2002 )
okay, new to the site, but i love your Drawing Style! just wanted to say

No.30: [Achain] ( Sun Mar 03 09:52:38 2002 )
I don't know well about Hinama. ('cause I'm a boy!)
My sister said Hinama was in Amazon, not in Japan.
Rumour says that she was quite a big fish (800kg!)
Many Japanese went to Amazon every March to catch her
but nobody have succeeded yet.

Please refer to Mr.Akamatsu's manga "Love Hinama"
for details. You can bought it at Forest Of Manga.

No.29: [min] ( Sun Mar 03 01:24:43 2002 )
Would you teach me about "Hinama?"

Please let me know about a legendary fish "HINAMA."
I am looking for the fish "HINAMA" of the tradition of being in Japan.
In Japan, when it was fished on a certain day in March, I heard it.
Please let me know about your knowing.

No.28: [Achain] ( Sun Feb 24 21:18:12 2002 )
Honda gives only manual transmission to type-R in Japan.
We know what this means... :-)

No.27: [ken] ( Sat Feb 23 22:13:19 2002 )
any one out there can help me

No.26: [ken] ( Sat Feb 23 22:12:26 2002 )
i want to get a type R but am comparing between a auto and manuel one
which is better

No.25: [Ang] ( Wed Feb 13 05:16:45 2002 )
You need to check out Angelo Sena's online art gallery. The kid got skills and if you didn't will.

No.24: [Achain] ( Wed Jan 16 12:19:36 2002 )
Okay, we call "eComicStation" instead of eComStation/J when it is released. (...when?^^;)

No.23: [Sassy, TeamOS/2 and eCS] ( Sun Jan 13 21:33:46 2002 )
It is one vote to weak desktop Operating System eComStation Nanjaku Edition! :)

No.22: [benny] ( Thr Oct 18 13:09:11 2001 )
does this message board have anything to do with Italy?

No.21: [Achain] ( Wed Aug 08 06:07:52 2001 )
Thanks Eric, your comment is very nice for me.
Yes, I love disgraced innocent.<g>

Oh, what am I saying!??

No.20: [EricTruong] ( Fri Aug 03 08:09:05 2001 )
Hello Achain,
This is a lot better than pornsite, you have successfuly to combine the beauty of sex and innocent into one. Great work !

No.19: [Achain] ( Sat Apr 21 09:04:22 2001 )
Thank you Mako-chan, (what a familiar name to me!)

I have enjoyed your nice To Heart site. :-)
Well, have you ever try these software?

No.18: [Mako-chan] ( Sat Apr 21 08:12:49 2001 )
Hi ! i'm from Italy; I have liked your drawings 1

Please, do some more !

No.17: [Achain] ( Mon Mar 12 12:43:31 2001 )
Hi Jared, thanks your advice.
I apologize for rarely updating pics.
Here I hold many rough sketch...but I don't have a lot of time
to brush and color them...

No.16: [jared] ( Sat Mar 10 21:00:57 2001 )
Ur pics are great but why don't you ad more
I'm sure that your a lot better now than you were b4
(not to say that you were'nt good...but it's more of an
encouragement so that you'll update your site)
Kudos(more power)

No.15: [Achain] ( Fri Feb 09 01:27:48 2001 )

I have updated webbbs.cgi.

No.14: [mixednutt] ( Tue May 09 02:30:32 2000 )
My feelings on modern art. It think that this modern art stuff is a fluke. I believe that artists have either failed to create thought provoking art in order to appease critics, or that critics have become bored with REAL art, or to stupid to realize the true meaning of GOOD art. This yields for confusing sploches on a wasted canvas that people can't make heads or tails out of. This appeases the critics, because the smart ones can get something out of it, and the stupid ones can make up whatever the hell they want to see. It dissapooints me that the period of when a drawing that looked like what it was supposed to look like was appreciated, is gone.

No.13: [Achain] ( Wed Apr 19 04:37:55 2000 )
>Hmmm, now it's OK... fantasic... :)

However, I changed nothing about this board...
What was the root of your problem?

No.12: [January June] ( Wed Apr 19 04:18:33 2000 )
Ukyuu* :)

> Free Stuff ----- Read here ---
> Looking for MP3's or some type of software?

Huh, Is it available on OS/2? :)

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