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No.72: [The Sod] ( Wed Jan 10 09:36:22 2018 )
I have no idea how I ended up here.

No.71: [Паша] ( Fri Dec 11 21:19:56 2015 )
Передаю привет маме и папе

No.70: [A Fan] ( Tue Jun 02 20:34:00 2009 )
you are the man at drawing bro
keep it up =D
lookin forward to see more =D

No.69: [icerain on the OSC] ( Sat Sep 13 09:03:46 2008 )
dont think there are that many activities

No.68: [icerain on the OSC] ( Tue Sep 09 12:20:29 2008 )
LOL and i like ur new pic! dont know what 2 call it u no on front of the site?

No.67: [achain] ( Mon Aug 18 03:00:33 2008 )
Ah, I see. OSC was Open Source Conference for me.

How about the OS-tan things there?
I have not seen good activities for OS-tans in Japan.

No.66: [icerain on the OSC] ( Wed Aug 13 07:44:11 2008 )
ur welcome. OSC is a forum : C-chan belongs to it.

No.65: [achain] ( Tue Aug 12 13:53:03 2008 )
Thanks icerain on the OSC,
I wish I can provide a little more concentration to this web site...
Mom, why do I have only 7 days in a week?

No.64: [icerain on the OSC] ( Tue Aug 12 12:43:09 2008 )
Welll this is icerain on the OSC and I love your works!

No.63: [(alice)] ( Sat Nov 10 11:24:01 2007 )
wow....this is incredible
i wish i could pose for u sometime

No.62: [C-chan] ( Sun Oct 07 07:42:44 2007 )
Why certainly, Achain! ^__^

All that I really needed to do was expand the background. (sorry for the simple background, but it's just a placeholder until SleepyD can make a better one) ^__~

I may yet have more OS/2-tan and eComstation-tan pictures to share in the near future, so please stand by. Thank you as always for your support! ^v^

(PS: Please let me know when IBM finally makes OS/2 Open-Source. ^.^')

No.61: [Achain] ( Thr Oct 04 23:13:55 2007 )
Hi C-chan,

Thank you (and SleepyD-san) for the wallpaper.
Great work. I'm happy to see nice glasses on her!

If you have much time, please give me 16:10 ratio version for my widescreen.

No.60: [C-chan] ( Wed Sep 12 13:20:17 2007 )
Yo Achain!

I've not forgotten about you. ^__^
in fact, I thought maybe you're getting tired of my old wallpaper, so I brought you a new one a friend and I created together:

Please enjoy. ^__~

No.59: [jay] ( Tue Jul 10 07:36:12 2007 )
can some one send me the comics

No.58: [Alex] ( Sun Jun 10 06:48:11 2007 )
Thank You

No.57: [C-chan] ( Fri Mar 16 12:36:00 2007 )
Greetings again Achain! I'm happy to say that I'm writing this alongside my new eComstation 1.2 ["test" version]! I hope I can learn to use it well enough in preparation for v2.0!

Aside from that , I want to thank you for posting the image to your server box -- that was very kind of you. I promise that more [full-sized] OS/2 and eCS pictures are on the way. ^_~

Lastly, even though it's not the kind of picture that you would keep in your gallery,... if you'd like, please feel free to consider it a "present" from me to you. ^_^

I know you're busy right now, so I'll end there. Thank you again, and I hope I have good things to share with you later about eComStation. ^.^

Take care!

No.56: [Achain] ( Tue Feb 20 03:29:03 2007 )
Hi C-chan,
Thank you for the updated one!

I won't be a one-time visitor to your site but sorry I'm extremely busy
these days... I promise to come back to Warp-tan discussion soon!

No.55: [C-chan] ( Mon Feb 19 13:57:20 2007 )
Hello Achain! Sorry for coming in unannounced, but I wanted to give you this in case you can't make it back... ^__^

Will look better on your server box I hope. ^^

Thank you for stopping by our forum,... I appreciated your company very much. ^__^

No.54: [Achain] ( Sat Aug 19 12:26:33 2006 )
Good nickname > C3P Oh!
It brings me a same level of impression of when I saw "Terminator/2"
as the name of process killer for OS/2.

Sorry, I am so sadistic in my imagination world.
My least moral is to avoid publishing bloody pictures in this site.

No.53: [C3P Oh!] ( Thr Aug 10 10:49:11 2006 )
Agree OS/2 is great, especially now that PCs run faster and can cope with it. Artwork is cutesy and, when not sadistic, is clearly the work of a gifted one.

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