Cheap OS/2 softwares

DayTalk for OS/2 ver1.1

This software is to play DayTalk voices on OS/2. DayTalk is Seiyu (voice actress) chattering software and it is included in "Seiyu ROM Revolution" series selled by O-2.


Color String Maker for OS/2 ver1.1

This is very simple tool to generate color cordinate string for HTML (like as #FFFFFF).


WebPage Upload Utility ver1.40pr1

This is ftp tool (put only) to update your web site easyly.
1) Upload whole subdirectories under specified base directory.
2) When upload complete, WUU remembers the last update date/time, and only newer files will be uploaded at n ext time.
3) Can regist several destination host. (but no batch mode is implemented.)
4) Can convert upper character case to lower (or lower to upper) while uploading.
5) Can convert file extentions (ex: *.htm to *.html)
6) Can relate ASCII/BINARY ftp mode with file extention.
7) Can specify no-upload-files by wildcard.


OS/2 Telnet Chatter ver2.00

Simple chat client for OS2Chat. This has log record, input history, sentence registry, handle auto collection...


15 puzzle for OS/2 ver1.0

Just a 15 puzzle.

POP Mail Checker tentative ver1.42

This software is to check your POP3 server. It reports how many e-mails are arrived, and list Subject: and From: if Mr.Yano's RXJIS.DLL is available.


NDR ver1.2

This measures total size of files in bytes recursive under pointed directory.


Web=Local Synchronizer ver 0.9999

This is a next generation of WebPage Upload Utility. WUU memorized only last updated date/time but WLSync memorize timestamp of all uploaded files. If some local file has other timestamp from memorized timestamp, the file will be upload. And if some local file had removed, the file will be removed from server.


timesync ver 1.0

This is Rexx script to adjust your PC clock with refering any web server on Internet. This script is for some environments as where only http proxy is available to go out to Internet. However, the accuracy of date/time adjustment is not so good (maybe delay a few soconds).

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