ZxMail Server© v1.1.17 for OS/2

To all v1.0 registered users, please contact us before installing this new version, you need a new registration key.

Evaluation license for more mailbox than the basic 2 can had on request, just send an email to


ZxMail Server 1.1.17 stable version Updated: 06-Apr-2002

ZxMail Server Free 2 user version

Version 1.1.17
ZxMail Server 1.1.18 Beta 1 Updated: 30-Apr-2002

ZxMail Server Beta 1 it has support for rexx filter for details on how to use it and update info go to zeryx on yahoo.groups

Version 1.1.18 beta 1
Fix for ZxMail Server 1.0.24 Updated: 27-Mar-2001

Patched ZxCrypt.dll fixes CRAM-MD5 problem

Version 1.0.24
ZxMail Server 1.0.23 Updated: 07-Feb-2001

ZxMail 1.0.23 Server Free 2 user version

Version 1.0.23

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All bugs can be reported to: or you can go to the support page.

To get some info on ZxMail you can join the zeryx newsgroup on yahoogroups.


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